Routing & Delivery Management

Start Optimizing your Delivery Routes‎ and Schedules. add intelligence to your operations and make the right decisions to delight your customers.

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Drive Your Success with Route Optimization

Automate your delivery route planning and grow your business. Here are the features

Autonomous vs Supervised Route Optimization
AI-backed route planning that has a negligible dependency on human intelligence.
Intelligent clubbing of Orders
Allocation based on order priority including provisions that can’t be transported together
Proprietary Geocoding Engine
Distills and converts even the most ambiguous of addresses into precise geographic coordinates.

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Route Planning & Operations Database

We helps you digitize all your operational variables such as delivery persons, working hours, territory affinity, and other preferences to create the perfect dispatch plan every day.

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Live Tracking

Provides you with a live dashboard using which you can track your field executives in real-time and have predictive alerts set up to monitor SLAs.

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Control Tower Application

A birds-eye view of your entire operations made available to you for visualizing and tweaking scheduled plans via three key metrics- geography, time, & vehicle(fleet).

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Reports and Logistics Analytics

Build your own reports and analyze important parameters that you need to make key decisions. Allows you to compare planned vs executed delivery routes. This helps you to observe driver’s riding behavior and analyze his compliance with the given plan which enables you to derive actionable insights.

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Proprietary geocoding engine converts the fuzziest of the addresses into precise geographical coordinates thereby helping your field executives locate addresses easily.

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