Project Management

Bring IT service and project management together to deliver consistent business results

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New-gen project management for modern IT teams

No need to force-fit your teams to follow one process. You have the flexibility to run projects in an agile, waterfall, or hybrid mode.

Customizable project task types, statuses, and fields make project management immensely flexible to suit your needs.
Project templates
No more starting from scratch. Save your time by saving your existing project as a template or use pre-built templates.
Seamlessly collaborate with your team members by using @mentions and comments.
Cross-project views
Teams will have a holistic view of all the cross-project tasks from a single place.
Time tracking
Project members can log the time spent on project tasks. This helps project managers track the amount of effort an agent has put into an item.
Integration with GitHub and GitLab enables the high-velocity modern DevOps teams to optimize speed and works efficiency across IT functions

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Integrated project management and ITSM

With the ability to create new projects from scratch or from tickets (both incident and service requests), changes, or problems, you can plan all your IT project initiatives within the service desk. Automate project and project tasks with Workflow Automator. Create a project or task based on specific triggers and conditions in your service desk.

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Flexibility to run projects using any methodology

Project management needs to be flexible to manage different types of projects with various complexities. You decide how you want to work.,No need to force-fit your teams to follow one process. You have the flexibility to run projects in an agile, waterfall, or hybrid mode.

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Modern views to plan and execute projects better

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to project management. Everyone is different, and everyone on your project team will do things a little differently.New-gen project management comes with multiple modern views. Team members can visualize, slice, and dice the same set of tasks into a timeline (Gantt), kanban, task list, or group views.

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Manage software projects end-to-end

IT teams can leverage out-of-the-box capabilities for managing end-to-end software development life cycle activities. Built-in roadmap, backlog – sprints, and versions allow you to roll out software projects on time.The new-gen project management offers robust bug tracking & test management capabilities to ensure that all your internal systems work fine after a new build or a change is rolled out.

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