Document Management

Experience best-in-class artificial intelligence to categorize and find all relevant documents and data, regardless of where they are stored in your business systems.

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Redefining document management so that you can do your work the way you want to.

Delivers a simple, unified user experience for modern information management. You can browse data in all your connected systems and repositories, whether in the cloud or on premises, with the same user interface.

Content management
Access the information you need instantly. From creation to disposal, it’s a smarter way to manage content.
Project management
Cut your project costs and deliver on expectations. With task automation and a full view of project documents, your staff can focus on delivering value faster.
Client collaboration
Focus on your clients and provide digital client experiences that boost collaboration and grow your business.

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Make information easy to find

Easily identify business-critical data from the clutter. Our DMS suggests key metadata attributes for the content automatically and ensures that content is routed via appropriate workflows and that records are applied the right retention policies.This ensures better compliance, more efficient processes, and immediate differentiation of vital records from clutter. At the end of the day, it’s about streamlining workflows to improve the efficiency of office work.

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Intuitively control permissions & automate business process workflows

Gives you the ability to create customized automated workflows or retention rules, to model permissions, and to generate customized views of content based on user log-in, document type, roles, title, and other complex criteria.This means you can create layered classes of users to control information, thus ensuring data is available in the right context to the right users at the right time.

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Automate compliance and governance of information

You can operate with the assurance that only the right people have access to sensitive information. This helps reduce risk from litigation or damaged reputation as a result of data leaks.

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Share information through a collaborative hub

Superior digital customer experience through a customized, branded collaborative work hub. This hub will increase client satisfaction and retention, improve productivity, and strengthen collaboration through instant communication, instant access to the right information and the ability to collaborate on the fly.

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Easily deploy a flexible, scalable platform

One of the first and biggest stumbling blocks to implementing a new information management or ECM system is data migration. How do you get all your existing data into the new system? It’s difficult, time-consuming and expensive.But with with our DMS, it no longer matters where information is located because our Intelligent Metadata Layer (IML) eliminates information silos and unifies business systems and repositories. Content can stay where it is, without the need to migrate or duplicate anything. You can also choose to migrate all content to our DMS if you prefer.

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