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The #1 Choice of Futuristic Businesses, Worldwide. In this era of borderless organizations, where business processes extend far beyond the boundaries of the organization, it becomes imperative for you to adopt new-age practices and solutions to ensure 100% business control and transparency at the lowest possible operational costs. ERP on Cloud helps you achieve this and propel your company far beyond the competition, without burning a hole in your pocket.

Built on VirtualWorks®, the most advanced and revolutionary enterprise application assembly and delivery platform, ERP Suite is available both as on-premise as well Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) models. ERP on Cloud is the most preferred choice for businesses across the globe as it encompasses in-built intelligence and business acumen for your industry.

ERP on Cloud covers the entire spectrum of enterprise functions through a suite of products - Manufacturing, Financial Management, Supply Chain Management (SCM), Human Capital Management (HCM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), Project Management, Process Control, Analytics, Advanced Planning & Optimization, and Connectors. You can decide which solutions you want to use, scale up and add more solutions as your business grows.

ERP on Cloud enables you to get a 360-degree view of your business, anytime, from anywhere by putting all your business functions on to one single platform on the Cloud and automating and integrating them, end-to-end. With this unified view of business, you can drive innovation across the value chain, improve efficiency, and reduce costs and time to market. What’s more, the entire suite of products is accessible over the Internet, which gives you the freedom to access information from any part of the globe at the click of a browser button, whether from a laptop, a PDA, mobile phone or a tablet PC. So, you and your colleagues can monitor, manage and execute tasks even when you are on the move.

Finance & Accounting
Gain Absolute Financial Control. Tame Costs. Boost Revenues.

Financial Management is the most comprehensive and self-contained financial management system that can help transform your hitherto administrative financial tasks into well-synchronized, automated processes. Whether you operate a single company or are part of a multi-national conglomerate, the application enables you to monitor your bottom-line and streamline your financial operations across theenterprise.

Supply Chain Management (SCM)
Design & Operate Lean, Agile and Well-orchestrated Supply Chains.

From procurement to warehouse management, and inventory to sales and shipping, Supply Chain Management (SCM) enables you to seamlessly automate and integrate the wide spectrum of business processes involved in any supply chain, end-to-end. SCM comprised of Purchasing & Subcontracting, Inventory and Sales & Shipping empowers you to attain overall business visibility, manage and optimize inventories and synchronize supply management with the customer demand.

Powering the Rise of Smart Production.

Production is a comprehensive, feature-rich product that offers a wide spectrum of capabilities, designed to match your niche requirements in the most simple and efficient manner for both discrete and process production. Discrete Producers can benefit from the comprehensive estimation, engineering change management, planning, scheduling, and execution and costing capabilities of our Discrete Production. Process Producers can gain the comprehensive features of Process Production such as lot traceability, attribute management, catch weights, yields, by- products, co-products, item substitutes, shelf-life management, integration with process control systems, and many more.

Quality Management
Addressing the first requirement of every customer - Quality

Quality management includes customer-driven quality, top management leadership and commitment, continuous improvement, fast response, actions based on facts, employee participation and above all a quality management culture. Quality Management provides a comprehensive offering that empowers you to address a wide spectrum of operations including Procurement & Sub-Contract processes, Inventory & Storage, Production, Sales & Dispatch and Project Tasks.

Project Management
Connect. Control. Collaborate. Conquer.

Project management is the most effective and intelligent solution available to address the requirements related to effective project management and drive operational excellence. With Project management, you can be assured of planning and administering the project management tasks and resources, end-to-end. You can record goals and milestones and map them against actual performance.

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)
Turn Your Capital Assets into Star Performers.

EAM is an easy-to-use, powerful, mature and comprehensive solution trusted by many - from Power Plants to Airlines, from Process Plants to Real Estate, from City Transport to Wind Energy, and from Governments to Airports. With EAM, you can achieve maximum asset availability by reducing unplanned breakdowns, streamlining work practices, enhancing equipment life, minimizing equipment life cycle cost and increasing labor productivity.

Human Capital Management (HCM)
Manage the Most Critical Asset, Most Responsively.

HCM equips you with a whole new league of necessary tools and framework to manage your recruit-to-retire cycle, strategically. With HCM, you can create business value for your entire workforce across the organization. Most importantly, the HR team and the management can gain critical insights into how your organizations’ competitiveness and performance changed over a period of time by gauging employee performance levels, employee satisfaction levels, reasons for attrition, and so on.

Dealer Management

Unifies Dealers and Manufactures and helps them focus more on customers’ satisfaction - their key to growth Being in the business of Automobile, FMCG or a typical manufacturing segment, you are bound to deal with multiple levels of distributors/ dealers both globally and locally. Being a dealer or a distributor is equally or more challenging as your customer expects the right product or service on time, every time. For this, you need to forecast, plan and align your inventories, resources, and processes optimally and on real-time. Dealer Management System is designed to integrate OEMs/ manufacturers, dealer networks, and end-customers so that the entire business value chain amongst them synergizes, ultimately providing solutions instead of products to customers.

HR Applications


HR executives today are faced with the challenge of maintaining talent continuity while optimizing costs. This is a constantly evolving target in current business conditions and demand quick on-boarding and opportunity-based contracting. To keep pace with this dynamism, IT applications too need to be increasingly intelligent and sophisticated. Apart from supporting the HR professional, Human Capital Management solutions should also engage the employee and make his/her life easier through ease of use and anywhere-anytime availability of information.

HCM is a global talent management application that has been designed to facilitate a changing work environment. Its flexible architecture is designed to handle proliferating employment, measurement, and wage models, and it provides an integrated HR services experience. Beyond its ability to address the needs of multiple industry verticals, the product differentiates itself through MUSIC—Mobility, Usability, Social, In-memory and Context Aware—which is the underlying product strategy of all our products. Advancements in technology and social channels necessitate business applications to leverage these trends and engage with the new age workforce.

HCM understands the needs and challenges of a global workforce, the diversity in HR policies, and it allows for adequate exceptions handling. Our global payroll covers 35+ countries and is expanding rapidly. Subscribing organizations may choose from a variety of talent management capabilities such as recruitment and on-boarding, training, performance management, e-learning and payroll. It can be deployed on a multi-tenant cloud or offered as a managed service. Organizations may deploy it process by process or draw from the benefits of its integrated flow and subscribe to it fully. It is also capable of seamless integration, not only with other legacy applications, but also with 3rd party social media, accounting, and jamming platforms.

Asset Management Solutions

Performance.Visibility.Sustainability. Profitability

Looking for making your asset-intensive business lean and agile? You need a future-ready solution to power it! From robotics and sensors connected through Internet of Things (IoT) to Big Data and Deep learning for Predictive Maintenance - the tech landscape is ever changing.

Explore Enterprise Asset Management for Planning, Maintaining and Managing all your Assets on a Cloud and Mobile-ready platform.


Have complete control of asset acquisition, planning, budgeting and approval from a single application


From capital procurement for commissioning new assets to managing supplier contract and payments, acquire process is simplified and hassle-free


Be it asset installation and commissioning or maintaining fixed asset register or induction of new equipment, the deploy process helps streamline it


Have maintenance programs and work management in place, coupled with much needed failure analysis & RCA, thus enabling you manage your assets more efficiently


Reconciling data starting from asset retirement proposal to asset scaling up or scrap can be optimized in the retire phase of assets

Logistics Management solutions


The Logistics Services Industry is the backbone of global supply chains and is expected to integrate and support complex processes in real-time. Logistics Software is a unified software covering the end to end needs of 3PL, Freight Forwarders and Parcel/ Courier Service Providers who are seeking a high performance logistics software.

Aviation – MRO –Solutions

Aviation Software for Civil& Defense

The Aviation industry is in the throes of enormous challenges with fuel prices fluctuations and competition getting more intense by the day. Automation of operations and optimization of efficiencies has become essential. The Aviation Series 5 Suite is the most comprehensive enterprise-wide M&E/MRO software available in the aviation industry, as it has been built specifically to address the business and regulatory requirements of the industry. Aviation Series 5 Suite has been built to provide a lasting solution to these very challenges. Leveraging the suite's vast array of applications, you can automate operations, end-to-end, reduce overhead costs, manage inventory more effectively, increase aircraft availability, reduce AOG (aircraft on ground), and control operations on a business-for-profit basis. Regardless of new customer or market demands, the Aviation Series 5 Suite can easily expand and adapt to accommodate your new or changing business processes.

Aviation Solution for Airlines (Civil &Defense operators) has the capability to supplement all the strategic initiatives of Airlines to expand and improve business processes by improving visibility and control across departments. The solution also increases adherence to regulatory and operational standards thereby ensuring airworthiness, fleet dependability, agile supply chain performance, and much more.

Full service airlines deal with multiple flight operations, thousands of customers and millions of dollars in expenditure & revenue. They face a large amount of data to manage their complex and rigorous demands of Fleet maintenance requiring a large system that manages everything or a suite of ‘Best of the breed’ systems that integrate seamlessly. Aviation suite addresses this need of airlines (Civil & Defence operators) to manage, improve and expand their business processes to maximize productivity at lower costs by improving visibility and control across departments. The pre-built solution focuses on enforcing discipline by channelling consistent information across business functions to help improve decision making.

The Suite is a business process-oriented web-centric solution that can be installed on-premise to optimize the internal infrastructure, or on-Cloud within a secure, modern and reliable delivery framework, which does not call for a significant upfront investment in infrastructure.

Aviation Series 5 Suite covers the entire spectrum of maintenance operations—from maintenance planning to line, hangar, shop and engine maintenance, reliability and engineering, and technical records. It also provides efficiencies in Human Resource Management, Purchasing, Inventory, Warranty, Maintenance, Financials, Third Party Maintenance and Sales. Its integrated business intelligence tools allow you to measure monitor and manage with the help of advanced analytics. Regardless of new customer or market demands, the Aviation Series 5 Suite is designed to easily expand and adapt to accommodate new or changing business processes.

Value proposition

• Effective process improvements, operational control and cost management
• Track the life of aircrafts and their components, proactively, with precision
• Conveniently comply with regulatory report submission requirements by leveraging the pre-built system functionality
• Canned and user customizable reports available meet standard periodic and monthly reporting requirements for EASA; DGAC; CAA; FAA and JAR amongst others
• Operate seamlessly with your supplier-Spec 2000 and other e-business models for Procurement as well as Repair
• Integrated process across departments which increase operational efficiency and ensures no human errors
• Robust solution that provides flexible commercials and contract structuring
• Instant reliability report generation for effective performance monitoring
• Conveniently comply with regulatory report submission requirements by leveraging the pre-built system functionality
• User friendly and intuitive application interfaces which guides users to perform transactions even during time-crunched situations
• LEAN Model accelerated implementation timelines ensures faster reaping of benefits

Our Aviation M&E Solution for Heli-operators, you can deal squarely with constant changes in configuration, differing maintenance philosophies and increased maintenance activities to adapt to differing mission types. You can control the key aspects of your business such as maintenance, operations, supply chain, tech documents, costs, and licenses—all in a single system. The solution is in use across civil & military helicopter operators, supporting a fleet size of greater than 800 and a rotor wing user base in excess of 2200.

Industry Challenge

Helicopters & rotor crafts have been one of the faster growing segments in aviation industry in the recent years.The civil helicopter segment is being driven by new product platforms by almost all key global OEMs incorporating cutting-edge technologies delivering enhanced operating economics & performance features. The Military helicopters segment is being driven by expanding role of helicopters with the rise of helicopters in conducting a wide range of military operations & missions. Next generation rotor crafts perform complex diagnostics, prognostics, dynamic maintenance packaging and autonomic logistics. However, reaping the benefits of the billion-dollar purchase requires equally advanced off-board information technology system.

Aviation Series 5 Suite covers the entire spectrum of maintenance operations both for the civil and the military helicopters—from maintenance planning to line, hangar, shop and engine maintenance, reliability and engineering, and technical records. It also provides efficiencies in Human Resource Management, Purchasing, Inventory, Warranty, Maintenance, Financials, Third Party Maintenance and Sales. Its integrated business intelligence tools allow you to measure, monitor and manage with the help of advanced analytics.

Rotor Wing Operators need integrated information interfaces to provide up to-the-minute data, thereby, enabling them to gain control over the operations on the flight deck as well as on the ground. An Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) is an essential tool kit that aids the flight crew to perform critical tasks on board and is integrated with native Information Systems. Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) provides a single interface to the flight crew, to effectively manage all their tasks on-board. By integrating with downstream processes like maintenance, billing and facilitating up-to-date information, EFB transmits critical real time information to the maintenance crew and billing Enterprise Aviation team for planning their activities.

EFB is classified under Class 1 of portable electronic device and will run on Windows Surface Tablets. Limited data connectivity is one of the main challenges which specialty operators face when it comes to the use of IT systems. There are very few Maintenance & Engineering systems which provide a solution for data connectivity issue. Our Offline System provides full support for line maintenance operations.

Regardless of new customer or market demands, the Aviation Series 5 Suite is designed to easily expand and adapt to accommodate new or changing business processes with its fully-integrated software solutions. Aviation also supports Cloud based delivery model which enables Heli operators to experience & reap benefits of mainstream Aviation IT with a nominal subscription fee.

Value proposition

• Our Offline Field Maintenance System enables you to stay connected even in remote corners of the world • Intuitive & integrated EFB, on board with Performance calculations, Navigation and Fuel planning • New workflow optimization feature enables remote field mechanics to multitask effectively • Accurate contract based customer invoicing drastically improves profit margins in each journey • From Journey logs to customer Invoice at the click of a button with Flight Contracting & Invoicing • New ‘usage based depreciation’ replaced time based depreciation to accurately evaluates asset and resource

Aviation M&E/MRO Solution for MROs helps address the major challenges facing the Aviation MRO Industry such as streamlining process intensive activities, optimizing operational and maintenance economics, reduction of turnaround times, improving customer satisfaction, and, ultimately increasing profitability. Our integrated suite of Aviation MRO software solutions are in use across Commercial and Defence MROs, and Third Party Maintenance service providers.

Large execution facilities with specialized equipment and skilled labour makes aviation asset maintenance execution highly capital intensive. In the last three decades, there has been an increasing trend of operators outsourcing their maintenance operations to contain maintenance related expenses. Outsourcing of maintenance services, especially those related to components, have become increasingly popular among airline operators. Outsourcing offers advantages of lower capital investments on maintenance facilities and increased operational efficiencies through leverage of the service provider’s core competencies.

While airline operators are primarily responsible for airworthiness of the aircraft, there is an increasing pressure on MRO service providers to maintain different types of data to ensure regulatory compliance. Additionally, services ranging from total care programs to on-request maintenance require a very swift and efficient internal process to meet these varied demands. Innovations in the aircraft and component designs are inching towards maintenance hassle free models. This in turn provides several options to operators and service providers to move towards achieving zero inventories and helps them adopt a JIT strategy. As a result, this puts pressure on MRO services providers in promising a very aggressive TAT to its customers. A TAT violation is one of the biggest causes for revenue leakages. Efficient processes and a good monitoring mechanism need to be put in place to avoid such circumstances.

Aviation M&E/MRO Solution for MROs helps address the major challenges facing the Aviation MRO Industry such as streamlining process intensive activities, optimizing operational and maintenance economics, reducing turnaround times, improving customer satisfaction, and, ultimately increasing profitability. Our integrated suite of Aviation MRO software solutions are in use across Commercial and Defense MROs, and Third Party Maintenance service providers.

Value Proposition

• 50% reduction in TAT violation
• 20% reduction in Inventory holding costs
• Web based solution facilitate easy information access to all stakeholders including customers
• Electronic data exchange making processes more efficient and faster
• Reduction in time to bill customers
• Reduction in revenue leakages by efficiently tracking labor, material and other expenses incurred
• Rational Flow of Materials, Tools etc.
• Consistent Turnaround time ( TAT)
• Improved Maintenance Planning
• Increased Service levels & Reduced Inventory
• Recording & Effective tracking of Engine Configuration
• Complete control on parts with different ownerships
• Inbuilt with real-time global warranty and parts tracking, Operators can save several millions in warranty cost and cut down AOG time
• Advanced and comprehensive software that will effectively manage quotation handling, maintenance planning, maintenance execution, configuration management, supply chain logistics, cost tracing and invoicing

Small and medium size airline operators have always been underserved by the Aviation IT arena. Cost being the main decision maker, this segment of airline operators have never been able to leverage the benefits of main stream, full suite Aviation solutions and resort to discreet or home grown IT point solutions.

For the first time globally, small operators will get access to adaptive, enterprise level Maintenance & Engineering IT solution that is currently being used by industry leaders. The product is Aviation Suite and the segment enabler is a smart new delivery mechanism – CLOUD!!

Aviation Suite Series 5 provides a host of solutions catering to nearly all the needs of various aviation companies, including HCM and Finance, which have been designed and developed specifically for the industry, thereby being one of the only end-to-end ERP solution providers for the aviation space.

The HCM and Finance solutions which together comprise the workspace module, makes every employee’s day at work much easier by facilitating faster claims, easier leave application besides keeping track of latest organizational announcements.

Industry Challenge

Small or big, the Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul & Engineering (M&E /MRO) of Aircraft are inherently challenging due to the complexity of Aircraft, their subsystems and ongoing SB/AD from OEM/Regulatory agencies. The regulatory compliance requirements are no different between the small and big. Small operators have never been able to leverage the benefits of main stream, full suite aviation solutions mainly due to the cost and time to implement and hence resort to home grown IT solutions.

Small operators in addition to the operational challenges on the raising Fuel and maintenance costs, face the challenge of operating with limited manpower with multitasking capabilities in order to deliver superior customer service. Any initiative which warrant full time involvement of the staff either will have operational or cost impact.

Globally, small operators will get access to an Integrated, enterprise level maintenance & engineering IT solution by using Aviation Series 5 Suite to manage the entire gamut of functions including Materials Management, Payables Management, Management accounting etc.

Aviation Series 5 Suite covers the entire spectrum of M&E—from maintenance planning, line, hangar, shop and engine maintenance, reliability, and technical records. It also provides efficiencies in tracking license and skills, Purchasing, Inventory, Warranty. Its integrated finance module allows you to manage payments to vendors and track costs through management accounting.

Cloud hosted delivery model with LEAN implementation methodologies enables small operators to experience and realize the benefits of the comprehensive mainstream (M&E /MRO) for a nominal annual or monthly subscription fee.

Value proposition

• Industry First: Aviation’s on cloud solution bring full suite comprehensive solution to small operators at a fraction of the cost
• Real-time global warranty and parts tracking features, saves millions of dollars in warranty cost and cuts down AOG tim
• Intuitive ‘one screen does it all’ concept called WorkSpace dramatically cuts down resource training time and takes end user productivity to a whole new level
• Compatible with all iOS& android devices, MRO operations can now be managed anywhere, anytime across mobile platforms
• Go Live on Aviation on Cloud with solution with zero implementation costs, zero annual maintenance costs, zero infrastructure costs and minimal recurring IT expenses

Aviation Suite Key Highlights

Payment solutions


We provide complete payment solutions, find more details below

Payments & M-commerce Solutions

o Prepaid Top Up
o E- Recharge
o Talk Time Transfer
o M Banking
o M Commerce
o Bill Pay
o Micro Payments
o Money Transfer
o Mobile Money
o Self-Care VAS

Business Analytics solutions


We provide BI solutions to enterprises and Banking industries for details please contact us .

Web and Mobile application development


D M World provides Web development services using state of the art web technologies in order to provide optimum satisfaction to our customers. We are proud to produce web sites developed using web technologies which include HTML, DHTML, CSS, ASP, PHP, VB & Java Scripting on popular web servers like IIS, Apache with database support from MS SQL Server 2000, MySQl server, with the most advanced graphic designing software.

Present day trends and rapid developments in various sectors call for the use of 'web' to enhance business networks. This has been favouring companies to tap the potential markets spread across countries and the vast expanse of globe. The primary criterion is "You have a requirement and we have the solution".

We are also doing Mobile apps development based on the customer requirements.

Ecommerce Solutions


D M World provides high-end e-Commerce and web development solutions. Integrate Solutions can help your business thrive in the 21st century We provide you with an affordable e-Commerce enabled site that is professional in appearance, easy to maintain and includes the tools you need to be successful. Integrate Solutions Seven steps towards Ecommerce Website helps you in building a smart e-business website very fast. Integrate Solutions provides specific strategies to help market your business both on and off line. We help integrate your online strategies with your traditional sales efforts to ensure a smooth transition into E-Commerce.

Customer Helpdesk solutions

Manage all your support conversations in one place

With Freshdesk, you can bring all of your support conversations from email, phone, chat, twitter and facebook together in a single place so you don't miss anything. Your shared team inbox will help your agents collaborate and resolve issues without getting in each other's way. You can even set up a support portal and enable customers to help themselves and each other with a knowledge base and community forums

Scale your support across multiple products, languages and timezones

Running a global support team?From one help desk, you can support any number of product in 26 different languages. You can support multiple timezones and business hours, multiple shifts and locations, and even have multiple service level agreements. You can also customize unique support portals for each product.

Boost your team's engagements and productivity

Freshdesk comes with powerful automations that save your agents time and let them focus on actually solving customer's problems. You can categorize and prioritize tickets as they come in, set up rules to handle periodic tasks, and trigger actions based on specific help desk events. And with gamifications turned on, your agents get to earn points for every ticket they resolve and complete with the rest of the team to win trophies, adding extra fun and motivation.

Plans and Pricing

IT Helpdesk solutions with Asset management

Plans and Pricing

Mobile Device Detection , analytics and Image optimization

The Problem: Device Fragmentation

Developers face the daunting problem of device fragmentation when planning, designing, and analyzing the mobile web experience. There are literally thousands of devices in use today. There are over 45,000 different device profiles in the world today, with various permutations of device, screen size, and a number of other significant capabilities. And contrary to some expert opinions voiced a few years, the problem is getting worse. Not only is the number of devices increasing, but the types of devices are also increasing, with tablets, smart TVs and gaming consoles entering into the problem.

The Solution: WURFL Device Detection

Developers across a range of industries need a fast way to identify the devices with which users access their sites and services.

To do this, the WURFL API reads the header of the HTTP request generated by the device’s client and extracts the User Agent string. Next, the WURFL API uses a finely-tuned matching algorithm to identify the device and extract its “capabilities” (e.g. device model, browser, OS, screen width, etc.) from a data source (the WURFL XML file). With these device capabilities results, a developer can write code that will optimize the mobile experience in several ways.

For example, a developer can write code that will optimize the mobile experience in several ways. For example, a developer can detect a device’s screen size. With this knowledge, the server will then serve picture or advertisement with the right dimensions to avoid that images are too large, too small, cropped incorrectly or simply take too much time to download. These are all aspects of mobile development which can significantly detract from the overall usability of a mobile site or application.

But that’s not all. Developers know that delivering a mobile application to multiple devices typically requires adjusting of HTML/XHTML mark-up, CSS and JavaScript. Similarly, no single combination of audio/video codecs and containers will work on all devices (not to mention frame-rates and bit-rates). For all these reasons, WURFL is required

Enterprises are applying Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics tools techniques to a growing number of business and operational issues. Analysts can use powerful BI tools to extract, transform, and load massive amounts of data. Using an array of query and dashboard tools, they can transform this data into actionable information and make strategic decisions. WURFL’s device intelligence is a critical dimension in analytics platforms. Recognizing a user’s device and corresponding capabilities enables sound business decisions.

• Advertisers can target device types and measure the success of their targeted campaigns
• Video providers and Content Delivery Networks can analyze the device types using their networks and adjust accordingly
• WURFL device data can be combined with location or demographic data to generate a richer profile of users

Resize images for mobile devices and deliver them FAST. Automatically compress and resize your images based on your mobile device’s dimensions and capabilities. Improve performance by reducing your payload.